Monaco residence - an ideal location

The attraction of Monaco as a place of residence and for the operation of businesses is well known.

Ever since 1869 when Prince Charles III ordered that there be no tax imposed on revenue the Principality has implemented a light taxation policy.

The only direct tax in Monaco is one imposed on profits made in industrial and commercial activities. There is no real-estate tax nor residence based taxation.

Monaco is geographically positioned at the heart of Europe, easy to reach and benefits from a favourable all-year-round climate. The French and Monegasque territories, including their territorial waters, form one customs union and French customs legislation is directly applicable in the Principality of Monaco. Monaco forms part of the Schengen Area.

Monaco is safe and secure, for residents, visitors and for business. It has an education system focused on personal development and success, and medical facilities which are at the forefront of modern technologies. It is the cultural capital of the region, with world-class concerts, ballet, night-life, arts, cuisine, fashion and sport.

Watch and listen to our video about taking up residence in Monaco: